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eTCX High Efficiency Systems


Basin Sweeping Flow Range: 50 – 910 U.S. GPM (11 – 184 m3/hr)
Side Stream Flow Range: 65 – 810 U.S. GPM (15 – 184 m3/hr)

  • Filter performance, independently tested, rated to remove up to 98% of solids 44 microns and larger in a single pass, and up to 99% of solids 25 microns and larger in recirculating applications.

  • eTCX Systems feature LAKOS eHTX Separator, Premium Efficiency pump, higher capacity (12 liters) Solids Recovery Vessel and/or Fail-Safe Automated Purge valve, and SmartStart Control Panel.

  • SmartStart Control Panel features motor overload protection, under-power (dry run) conditions, and automatic fault logging.

Our highest efficiency Cooling Tower Basin Cleaning and Side Stream filtration system removes fine solids* (25 microns and larger) from HVAC open and closed loops. This packaged system reduces manual basin cleaning, equipment operating costs, maintenance costs, and water use.

* 2.6 specific gravity and heavier

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