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TCX - TCI TowerClean


Flow Range: Starting at 30 US GPM & Customized to Project Specifications

Maximum Pressure: 150 psi (10.3 bar)

  • Filter performance rated to remove up to 98% of solids, 74 microns* and larger, and up to 99% of solids 45 microns* and larger in recirculating applications.

  • TCX/TCI Systems include a Lakos High-Efficiency Separator, High-Efficiency pump, standard capacity (6 liters) Solids Recovery Vessel and/or Automated Purge Valve.

  • TCX/TCI systems are designed with a high head pump to effectively sweep and remove troublesome solids from the Cooling Tower Basin.

This packaged system reduces manual basin cleaning, equipment operating costs, maintenance costs, and water use.

For finer filtration removal efficiencies refer to our eTCX line of products. Link.

What is the difference between TCX and TCI:
TCX Systems feature a removable head design, allowing access to separator internals for inspection. TCI Systems do NOT feature a removable head design.

* 2.6 specific gravity and heavier

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